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The twenty-first annual Harvard College China Forum will be held at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center from April 6th to 8th, 2018. The Harvard College China Forum Pitch Competition will take place on April 8th. We look forward to reading your business proposals.

The top eight teams will be selected to pitch in the final round and present on stage at the 2018 Harvard College China Forum Pitch Competition for a $75,000 cash prize, provided by ZhenFund and GGV Capital. The first prize is $40,000, second prize $20,000, and third price $15,000. All team members presenting will receive a free pass to Sunday's programs. In addition to the cash prizes, judges and investors from the audience may choose to directly invest in the finalist teams. Last year, all eight finalists received funding by judges or other investors in the audience.

Due to the high volume of applications in the last days, we have decided to extend the deadline of application to Tuesday, March 20th 11:59 pm EST. We will not have any further extension, so please submit your application in time!
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Production quality is not evaluated. Suggested content: elevator pitch, screencast, or other forms of product demo.
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Written Proposals Requirements: Clearly state each team member’s name in English (and Chinese if applicable). At most eight pages (in either English or Simplified Chinese) in the format of a PPT saved as a PDF. Additional pages will not be read, and teams that violate these requirements will be disqualified.

The following sample content is meant to serve as an example structure for the proposal. Contestants may tailor the content to serve for their best interests.

Customer Profile and Value Proposition
Competitive Landscape
Business Model
Potential Growth and Impact (TAM, financials, et cetera)
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